Here you find a list of 250 websites of mostly social movements, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's), independent media and some political parties, who work in the fields of alternative globalization, international solidarity, the environment, human rights and social justice, agriculture and global foodsecurity, protection of natural areas (in particular primary rainforests), indigenous people, religions, animal welfare and sustainable development in general.
Some of these organizations focus on Trans National Companies, others on national governments, or on the Worldbank, IMF, WTO, consumers, or concious citizens.

At the end you will find 'the other side', the official websites of the Worldbank, IMF, WTO, EU (as long as their neoliberal policy dominates so clearly above social and environmental policy) and groups of TNC's.

* The organizations are placed in alphabetical order. In general I will give the names and the key issues in English, except for the Dutch websites (in Dutch).
* !! : means that I recommend these organizations in particular because I found very good information on their websites, or because I'am (or was) personally involved in these organizations.



Website: Name organisation: Working area: !! 50 years is enough Worldbank, IMF, debtcrisis  Stichting Aap opvang exotische dieren !! Stichting Aarde duurzame economie !! Platform Aarde Boer Consument alternatief landbouwbeleid  Secretary African, Caribean and Pacific (ex-)colonies EU idem  Adbusters anti-promotions, -TNC's  European Agricultural Convention alternative agriculttural policy, platform of NGO's !! Aktie Agenda interessante bijeenkomsten op allerlei gebieden  Alternative Information and Development Centre South Africa alternative globalization, trade, agriculture and GMO's  Amsterdam Institute for International Development International Development  All Africa, news site idem  Amnesty International human rights  Ander nieuws onafhankelijke medium !! ANPED Northern Alliance for Sustainability international platform western NGO's for sustainability  Assata, informatie- en aktiecentrum Nijmegen anders-globalisering, rechtvaardige samenleving  !! Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Diversity Europe social justice, environment, basic democracy  Assissi Pax International, Italy peace movement  !! Attac Nederland internationaal kapitaalverkeer, Wereldbank, IMF  Attac Internationaal international movement of capital, Worldbank, IMF, alternative globalization  Bankwatch investments in Eastern Europe  Basisdemocratie idem  Convention on Biological Diversity (VN) biodiversity, GMO's  Innovatiecentrum Biologische Landbouw van Wageningen UR biologische landbouw  Biodiversity and Community Rights , Thailand biodiversity, GMO's, sustainable agriculture  WTO hands of our food anti GMO's !!  Stichting Boerengroep Wageningen  kritische (studenten)organisatie op gebied van landbouw  Both Ends, North South cooperation ecological sustainability, social justice  Bread for the world global foodsecurity  Bretton Woods project Worldbank, IMF  Caroline Lucas, Member European Parlement Greens environment, alternative agricultural policy  International Water Management Institute water and sustainable development !! Campaign of Friends of the Earth Europe Alternative agricultural policy  Christian Aid UK alternative globalization !! Public Citizen US Public Interest Organization on health, safety & democracy  Schone Kleren Kampagne labour conditions in developing countries  Climate Independent Media Center global warming  Centrum voor Landbouw en Milieu duurzame landbouw !!  Coalitie voor Eerlijke Handel platform van ontwikkelings-, milieu- en boerenorganisaties op gebied van internationale handel  SOS Florestas Brazil tropical rainforests  A webjournal of other values alternative values  Confederation Paysanne (o.a. Josť Bovť) France alternative agrilcultural policy !! Consumers International alternative globalization  Consuminderen tegen zinloze consumptie  Cordaid MFO internationale solidariteit !! Corporate Europe Observatory threats to democracy, equity, social justice and the environment by corporations  Corporate watch TNC's  Copernicus duurzaamheid in Hoger Onderwijs  Cossen, Centra voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking ondersteuning NGO's, bewustwording !! European Farmers Coordination alternative CAP and WTO policy on agriculture  Cultural Creatives alternative living , spirituatlity !! David Alliantie, De Alliantie Voor Inspiratie en Duurzaamheid platform kritsiche NGO's  de Dierenbescherming dierenwelzijn  De Kleine Aarde duurzame landbouw en consumptie !! De Nieuwe Omroep medium ogv duurzame ontwikkeling  discussie site ontwikkelingssamenwerking, globalisering  Development Gap the voice of the South !! Die Off articles about the environmental crisis  duurzaamheidslijst, onafhankelijk internet platform duurzaamheid (breed) !! website Jan Paul Smit, journalist alternatief landbouwbeleid !! Vipassana meditation website worldwide Vipassana meditation centres; do it at least once in your life!  Copernicus Nederland duurzaamheid in Hoger Onderwijs  Interactive global communications network indigenous peoples  Dirk Barrez, Belgisch schrijver anders-globalisering  Dwars, jongeren- organisatie GroenLinks politiek Earthday duurzame ontwikkeling  Earth Justice US non-profit public interest lawfirm  International NGO Campaign on Export Credit Agencies the big secret  Echte welvaart duurzame samenleving  European Centre for Nature Conservation Europese natuurbescherming  Ecooperation international treaties on sustainable development  Platform Ecoteams duurzame consumptie  the Earth Council sustainable development  European Environmental Bureau European environment Ekobaan vacatures in ecologisch, eko, biologisch, biologisch-dynamisch, duurzaam, kleinschalig en zelfvoorzienend werk !! Environmental Sustainability articles about international environment !! Economic Partnership Agreements Watch critical on neoliberal agreements between EU and ACP-countries  Compas-tijdschrift indigenous people and development  EU-side Eurodusnie anti-EU en -neoliberalisme

Corporate Europe Observatory, critical on corporate lobbying at the EU

discover corportate lobby in Brussels by yourself  Eurodad debt crisis  Eurodusnie anders globalisering  Eurostep international development NGO's  European Youth for Action Environment and Social justice  Ecotopia 2004 in the Netherlands information and preparations  Environmental Working Group US environment  FAB-climate broeikaseffect, kritische kijk op VS-politiek !! FairFood global food security  FAO (VN) global food security  Farmers for Action United Kingdom sustainable agriculture, protection of small farmers and countryside  discussiesite internationale landbouw  Americal Farmland Trust sustainable agriculture  Festival Globalisering 26-27 juni 2004 idem !! Focus on the global South alternative globalization  Friends of the Earth Europe milieu, internationale solidariteit !! Friends of the Earth International idem !! Food First, Institute for Food and Development Policy foodsecurity, alternative globalization !!
aanmelden e-maillijst: bescherming oerbossen  World Forum for Alternatives network for alternative econo- mical and political development  World Social Forum, nav Porto Alegre-BraziliŽ 2001 international solidarity ?? Forum Syd, Sweden alternative globalization  Foreign Politics in Focus independent medium !! FTA Watch Group Thailand,
Sovereignity not for sale
platform of NGO's, alternative globalization, very good archives  Gats Watch liberalization of services in the WTO duurzame consumptie !! Peasant Movement of the Philippines alternative agriculural policy !! Global Action Plan duurzaam consumeren via ecoteams !! Global Exchange international flow of capital, IFI's !! Projectgroep Vůůr de Verandering samenwerkingsverband voor een solidaire economie, o.a. project Regionalisering !! Globalinfo activiteiten, agenda, informatie, en artikelen o.g.v. andersglobalisering !! artikelen, boeken en maandelijkse nieuwsbrief o.g.v. andersglobalisering  Institute for Global Justice Indonesia alternative globalization, social justice  Coalition for Global Solidarity and Social Development international solidarity !! Global Witness Conflicts and corruption around exploitation of natural recources  Grain agricultural biodiversity, sustainable agriculture  Greenpeace internationaal milieu !! GroenLinks politiek  GroenLinks Nijmegen politiek !! Comitť Grondwet Nee  geen neoliberaal, maar sociaal en groen Europa   pragmatische idealist rechtvaardige mens- en natuurvriendelijke wereld !! discusiesite internationale handel  Hivos, MFO milieu, internationale solidariteit  campagne FairFood mondiale voedslezekerheid  Human Rights Watch human rights !! Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy agricultural and trade policy  ICCO, MFO milieu, internationale solidariteit  International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development trade and sustainable development  International Food Policy Research Institute international agricultural policy  International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements biologische landbouw !! International Forum on Globalisation, o.a. Vandana Shiva alternative globalization  India Together alternative agricultrual policy  International Institute for Sustainable Development trade and sustainable development  Stichting Global Society andersglobalisering  Institute for Local Self-Reliance environment, sustainable development  Landelijke India Werkgroep Sociale rechtvaardigheid !! Independent Media Center onafhankelijke media discussiewebsite landbouw !!  nieuwsite op gebied van duurzame ontwikkeling  duurzame ontwikkeling !! International Action for Liberation alternative globalization  Indigenous & Tribal Peoples Centre indigenous people !! International Society for Ecology and Culture Promoting locally based alternatives
to the global consumer culture  International Union for the Conservation of Nature international protection of nature  IVN, Instituut voor Natuur en Milieu Educatie natuurbescherming !! Jubilee 2000, UK debt crisis  Jubilee South platform Southern NGO's, debt crisis !! Keer het Tij platform tegen beleid Balkenende II  Kerken in Actie internationale solidariteit  Centrum voor Milieukunde Universiteit Leiden milieuproblematiek  Landelijk Hogeschool en Universitair Milieu Platform duurzame ontwikkeling in onderwijs en onderzoek MAI-not discussie-forum anders-globalisering !! aanmelding mailinglijst anders globalisering  Malaysia Kini independent medium  Stichting Max Havelaar eerlijke handel !! Milieudefensie milieu en internationale solidariteit !! Project Underground bescherming gemeenschappen rond oliewinning en mijnbouw  Mondiale duurzame ontwikkeling na Johannesburg platform o.g.v. duurzame ontwikkeling  Brazilian Landless Workers Movement agricultural policy, social justice  Multinatinational Monitor archives on monitoring of TNC's !! Calculation of ecological footprint sustainable consumption  Nationale Commissie Duurzame Ontwikkeling coŲrdinatie duurzame ontwikkeling Nederlandse onderdeel van IUCN internationale natuurbescherming  Nederlands Centrum voor Inheemse volkeren bewustwording en bescherming inheemse volkeren !! Philippine - Japanese film 'Abong/ Small home - For living on the planet Earth' indigenous people, cultural values;
try to see and distribute this film!  New Economics Foundation sustainable economy  New Internationalist magazine independent medium  National Family Farmers Coalition US agricultural policy, protection small farmers  National Farmers Union UK agricultural policy, protection small farmers  Nationaal Onderzoeksprogramma mondiale luchtveront- reiniging en klimaatverand.  Novib, MFO internationale solidariteit !! Omslag duurzame ontwikkeling  One World duurzame ontwikkeling en armoedebestrijding !! aanmelding periodiek anders globalisering  Sumatran Orangutan Society Indonesia protection of orang utans and their environment  Organic Catalog organic farming  OXFAM international solidarity  People's Summit FTAA international liberalization of theAmerica's  Permaculture AustraliŽ sustainable agriculture  Permaculture UK sustainable agriculture  People's Global Action Network basic democracy, alternative globalization  Platform Biologica biologische landbouw  Platform Gentechnologie genetische manipulatie  PygmeeŽn kleinood bescherming PygmeeŽn  Rainforest Action Network tropical rainforests

 Ravage digitaal tijdschrift

 maatschappijkritiek algemeen  Multinational Recources Center control TNC's in recources industry  Redefining Progress sustainable development  Red Pepper, independent magazine of the green and radical left independent medium  Risingtide broeikaseffect !! Review of International Social Questions independent medium Milieuprisma Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen Studievereniging Milieukundigen  Sustainable Energy & Economy Network idem  Safeguard for agriCultural Varieties in Europe agricultural biodiversity  SME MilieuAdviseurs advisering NGO's ogv milieu  Stichting Natuur en Milieu milieu, natuur en ruimtelijke ordening !!  Nederlands Sociaal Forum organisatie van het NSF en andere bijeenkomsten, van en door maatschappijkritisch Nederland  Solidaridad internationale solidariteit !! Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen kritische blik op multinationals, anders globalisering  South Cente, a organization of developing countries promotion of cooperation between developing countries  Southern Voices anti GMO's  Socialistische Partij politieke partij !! archief Win Zipp van Werkgroep Globalisering Delft-Den Haag anders globalisering  archief artikelen anders globalisering !! Oikos internationale soliariteit, schuldenproblematiek  Stop de bezetting van Palestina idem  Stop de uitverkoop van de beschaving coalitie tegen neoliberalisme  Stop Economic Partnership Agreements  international coalition against these neoliberal free trade agreements between EU and ACP-countries (former colonies in Africa, Caribean and Pacific)  Stop FTAA international liberalization of the America's  Stop genetische manipulatie idem  Campagne tegen wapenhandel idem  Strohalm duurzame economie !!  Sustainable Lifestyle Concept  Praktisch op weg naar een duurzame toekomst? !! The Alliance for Better Food and Farming alternative agricultrual policy  Targets, onafhankelijke media-side international policy  Wise  tegen kernenergie, voor duurzame energie !! Tegenlicht, TV-programma onafhankelijk programma  The Court of Eden protection agricultural biodiversity !! The Ecologist, incl. archives environment, alternative globalization  Transnationals Information Exhange Asia labour conditions in Asia !! Trans National Institute alternative globalization !! Trade Observatory, resource centre of IATP agriculture and alternative globalization  Global Trade Watch international trade  Traffic control trade of animals  Traid Craft fair trade  A peace development organization for conflict transformation by peaceful means peace movement, alternative globalziation !! Third World Network, platform Zuidelijke NGO's alternative globalization  de Verenigde Naties 'world government' in a to narrow working area, and with too little teeth !! Uncle Tan wildlife camp, Sabah Malaysia eco tourism  United Nations Development Programme development, sometimes too neoliberal  United Nations Environment Programme environment  UNO-inkomen basisinkomen voor iedereen !! Via Campesina, international farmers organization alternative agricultural policy  Voetafdruk mondiale milieugebruiksruimte !!  Vredeseilanden - Belgium interesting articles about the food crisis and international policy !! Nieuwsbrief van de VU milieu-economie  World Development Movement international economy !! Peasant Autonomy India: struggle for land, water and forest - rebuilding village culture  Strijd voor lokale voedselvoorziening in India  Stichting Wereldvoedselvraagstuk mondiale voedselzekerheid !! Werkgroep Landbouw en Armoede alternatief landbouwbeleid  Wereld Natuur Fonds internationale natuurbescherming met te grote focus op samenwerking met multinationals ipv bindende overheidsregelgeving !! World Watch Institute international environment  World Resources Institute environment, sustainable development  World Rainforest Movement tropical rainforests  WTO Watch trade and sustainable development  World Social Forum alternative globalization  World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms voluntary work on organic farms !! XminY solidariteitsfonds ondersteuning Zuidelijke NGO's, anders-globalisering !! Na Cancun, Solidaire eocnomie anders globalisering  Zedbooks, publisher alternative globalization  Z Magazine independent medium  Infocentrum Zuinigheid met Stijl duurzame consumptie
THE OTHER SIDE:  European Roundtable of Industrialists biggest threat to a social and environmental friendly Europe  EU website European policy  EU commission on trade European trade  Free Trade Area of the Americas liberalizing trade between American countries  International Monetair Fund stimulate and facilitate global neoliberal economic development  World Economic Forum, platform of multinationals and world leaders Profit (not People and Planet), stimulate neoliberal globalization  Worldbank see IMF, especially in developing countries  World Trade Organisation liberalization of trade, protection of investments